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I suppose the best way to measure time dated stamps from date said to the time it physically happened would be in the post’s on Facebook itself. To see how the descriptions of event’s came to pass some with a time frame countdown to when they actually later on physically happened to see.

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  • Facebook Post: 2021-11-24T21:34:40
    “The more we learn about Darrell Brooks, the easier it is to understand why the media don’t want to talk about him. Brooks’s social media feeds are full of racist and Black nationalist propaganda. In one of his rap songs, he includes lines from Malcolm X justifying race-hate against Whites. He posted a picture of a fruit bowl arranged to display the letters BLM with a raised fist. And not insignificantly, Brooks also criticized the jury’s verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse case.” This is what you can expect from the libtard news. And the same way they would be expectedContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-11-24T21:34:40”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-11-26T01:09:46
    New dangerous variant with a bunch of mutations being talked about now. Europe making more mandates and procedures. Other nations talking about targeting unvacinted individual’s for even more restrictions. It looks to be only a matter of time before it is here in America. Another big wave of infections and deaths. They would then again be blaming the unvacinted for the inability for the vaccine made for the first variant of the virus to even be able to handle the new variants of today. The vaccine is outdated by maybe 6-7 different evolutionary leaps and bounds counting this one beyondContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-11-26T01:09:46”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-11-26T13:54:48
    https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10159713042676165&id=731851164 The incoming storm is now at hand, no longer oncoming it is now expected as incoming, a pre-warning of event’s we are seeing happen now. As expected it would be. Tho we stil have preparation time now. Time is running out, take the time to prepare for the worst case senerio now. This variant has many dangerous mutations to be seen. This could be the escape mutant that can completely bypass vaccinated immunity itself. Tho I would also expect the 27 fold protection of natural immunity through infection itself to be at least 80% effective for this variant. ThereContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-11-26T13:54:48”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-11-26T17:31:49
    As expected over 2 month’s ago and before even then actually. The Delta big wave, then a smaller amount of cases in a smaller wave, then the possibility of the bigger wave to come. This Omicron variant would be the expected larger wave to come eventually. Another Delta like variant as described would be seen on September 15th. Month’s before the Omicron variant was just named today. As expected by me to be seen to happen in advance before the best virologists in the entire world could see it coming. As described would happen even before that date as well.Continue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-11-26T17:31:49”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-11-27T12:14:38
    When you see the number’s you have to think of a 1/100 ratio for those number’s. For every one they see there could actually be up to 100 more they don’t see. Two cases in UK could say up to 200 case’s they don’t see yet. The Delta could infect up to 8 people in a matter of seconds under the right conditions. This one maybe 10 in a few seconds as a plausible theory. So it would be like the 2 being recorded now were likey one of 10 each to become infected. All of those 20 effect 10Continue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-11-27T12:14:38”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-11-28T03:13:11
    I actually think the whole high alert of government’s around the world scrambling to put mandates and travel bans in order is hilarious. For more than 2 month’s this is exactly what I was warning people about would happen. The most dangerous part of the Omicron variant is not the virus itself. It is the authoritarian mandates and procedures they always do. That is the part I was warning people about. Their mandates, procedures, travel bans, vaccine passports, vaccine mandates, lockdowns, masks, it’s all pointless. None of that can even slow down the virus in all reality. It only harmsContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-11-28T03:13:11”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-11-28T21:44:52
    The 3 mutations of the Delta as compared to the 16 mutations of the Omicron variant. Tho as a virus becomes more easily spread by mutations this also says it could thin the viral yeald a little bit as well. Meaning it could become less deadly over all than even previous variants. It would also say that the mutations or at least some of them would bypass vaccinated and or natural immunity by a variable percentage. The Omicron would be a dominant variant and expected to be unstoppable no mater what they do. The next big waves of death’s andContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-11-28T21:44:52”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-11-29T02:18:45
    Looking for unique individuals I need 800+ new friend requests. Anyone from anywhere in the entire world. The more unusual thing’s they post to see the better.
  • Facebook Post: 2021-11-29T12:25:18
    I would assume like everything he says he will reverse this in time and make new restrictions. The outdated vaccine is not even able to prevent infection, mutation, spreading, and even infection of other fully vaccinated individual’s. Thinking that a vaccine that cannot even prevent you from getting infected, as well as having the ability to spread it to other fully vaccinated individual’s is a joke. The vaccinations no matter how many get them is not going to stop the virus itself. Eventually the big wave will come no mater the number of vaccinated. At that point they would onlyContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-11-29T12:25:18”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-11-29T14:35:21
    It looks like mask mandates are going to be going back into full swing again. I shouldn’t have to wear a mask indoors. I’m over a hundred time’s over more immune to the virus through multiple intentional infections ever since the very beginning of the pandemic itself. Natural immunity through infection itself to multiple variants of Covid-19 since the very beginning of the pandemic itself. I literally have a superhuman immunity to Covid-19 and all variants now. It would be a joke for me to have to ware a mask indoors. I welcome the Omicron variant to join my collectionContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-11-29T14:35:21”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-11-29T16:33:03
    Honestly around 10 month’s ago I was saying exactly what to expect to see happen going forward after the Delta surge. I refined it a little bit on September 15th tho. To a more accurate period of time to be measured to be seen to happen in. But I’ve been expecting to see this happen for over 10 month’s or even longer than that. As suspected the mutation cycle seen to happen at around 6 month’s after the last major Delta spike. As well as being talked about to be possibly less deadly and more mild. As common cold likeContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-11-29T16:33:03”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-11-29T22:05:52
    Here is what we really know. 10 month’s ago before the best virologists in the entire world could even see it. We know that the around 6 month’s cycle is the time period we would expect to see a dominant variant mutation. Later in Jun and then in Sep refining that down to a more around about time expecting to see it happen. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10159591605631165&id=731851164 September 15th they couldn’t even see it coming in advance even then. Only recently they started to enact the travel bans and maybe mask mandates again. Now we see the new dominant variant Omicron slowly takingContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-11-29T22:05:52”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-11-30T21:20:52
    I’ve been talking about it for year’s. How they forward news stories to political figures to proof read and give them a heads up on what’s coming to the news cycles in advance. The Clinton and Podesta leaked email’s of 2016 are absolute proof they do this on a regular basis. The only reason he is suspended is because this is a conflict of interest done in a family matter. They didn’t take a bribe behind closed door meetings as described in leaked email’s of Clinton and Podesta of 2016 as they are expected to do. This was done forContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-11-30T21:20:52”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-01T00:15:26
    When the the Omicron variant was originally found, it was found to be an infection variant in fully vaccinated individual’s. The Omicron variant likely evolved in a fully vaccinated individual by use of vaccine dependent mutations. To intentionally evolve to better bypass the immunity of the fully vaccinated individual’s. This variant would be expected to be better at bypassing fully vaccinated immunity and infect them anyhow. This would be expected to become the endemic of the fully vaccinated. The fully vaccinated will be carrying, spreading, and even more mutations would be expected to come from the mechanisms of vaccine dependentContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-01T00:15:26”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-01T23:42:21
    Jussie Smollett is accused of setting up a mock racist hate crime. One where he paid off other black guys to attack him then to blame it on MAGA white guys. It is also said that they have a video of him doing a mock run of the attack to set it up before the actual paid for attack on himself.Trying to set up a racist hate crime to blame it on MAGA white men, is in itself a racist hate crime as done by a black man against white people in a general sense. This is not being portrayedContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-01T23:42:21”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-02T00:15:56
    This case of a child sex trafficking ring. Done for the influential and wealthy class. This case is not being looked at to much by the mainstream media. Of course they run this story if they can accuse Trump and Republicans in some way with being involved in child sex trafficking. They however do not have this trial live and on the news every day. Even tho this is likely one of the biggest case’s of the century that evolved a long list of celebrities and influential wealthy people. The reason they overlooked a case like this one is clearContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-02T00:15:56”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-02T01:59:19
    The discovery of the Omicron variant was first found in a fully vaccinated individual. This first case being seen now is also of a fully vaccinated individual. It looks as if this variant could be a mild infection seen to happen in fully vaccinated individual’s. So far no case’s being talked about of previously infected and natural immunity through infection itself being seen to happen. This could very well become the endemic of the fully vaccinated. The escape mutant that bypasses the immunity of the fully vaccinated individual’s and continues to spread, mutate, and infect other fully vaccinated individual’s oneContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-02T01:59:19”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-02T12:54:07
    The first case of Omicron in America was found in a fully vaccinated individual. The second case in a separate state is also seen to be a vaccinated individual. The endemic of the fully vaccinated is on the way. The fully vaccinated will become infected, spreading, and even the cause of more vaccine dependent mutations to be seen to arise in time. The apex power of the naturally immune through infection itself will be put to the test of fire. As we see the fully vaccinated individual’s are the first one’s being seen to be the targets of the OmicronContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-02T12:54:07”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-02T17:59:18
    The 3rd case of Omicron this time in Colorado. So far California, Minnesota, and now Colorado. All three infected individual’s were fully vaccinated. This makes three in a row in different states all fully vaccinated and infected with the Omicron variant. This endemic of the fully vaccinated is picking up steam now. Just a matter of time till every fully vaccinated individual in the entire nation is carrying, spreading, and mutations of the variants are seen to come from their vaccine dependent mutations. The escape mutant is on the way. The vaccine dependent mutation of Omicron is on the wayContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-02T17:59:18”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-02T22:07:14
    As described in July how the escape mutants were expected in time. Epsilon only had 3 mutations of the spike protein. It was seen to be maybe 70% vaccine resistance. It was not a dominant variant. Omicron is a dominant variant and is seen to have over 50 mutations of the protein spike. What percentage of vaccine resistance would you expect this one to have? More cases of Omicron 5 more seen in NY. At least one is known to be partially vaccinated. So of the 8 cases so far 4 are known to be vaccinated or partially vaccinated. TheContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-02T22:07:14”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-02T23:41:08
    “Population-level evidence suggests that the Omicron variant is associated with substantial ability to evade immunity from prior infection” This is a lie. In the studies done with over 900,000 people natural immunity was seen to provide protection for up to 18 month’s. The studies concluded after 18 month’s it could be more than that. The vaccine is shown to provide protection for a mear 6 month’s time. As as proven in studies natural immunity is over 27 time’s more efficient than vaccinated immunity. So they are obviously pushing a Democrat vaccine based agenda and only going by selectively hand pickedContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-02T23:41:08”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-03T12:21:43
    Off Covid conspiracy theory? It was a cool David Bowie video game. The whole government authoritarian aspects. Truth to power the whole game was pretty good. The story line does kind of remind people of the current Omicron variant situation. Not the same thing tho. One of my favorite games. I remember it from around 1999 when I first got it for the Dreamcast. With the new Omicron variant going around it is worth playing just to see the similarities of the theam of the game as compared to the political atmosphere of the day. It’s kind of interesting howContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-03T12:21:43”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-03T20:00:25
    2 more vaccinated individual’s infected and one unvacinated individual in this one. Seeing that pattern forming of the majority of the infections being seen in fully vaccinated individual’s. Omicron is very likely to be the escape mutant that would be expected to bypass fully vaccinated immunity by 100%. They are using a vaccine made for a variant that is outdated by 6-7 further evolutionary leaps of the Covid-19 cronavirus itself. Epsilon with 3 mutations to the protein spike was seen to evade the vaccine by 70%. Omicron the dominant variant has 50+ mutations of the protein spike. Do the veryContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-03T20:00:25”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-03T22:26:30
    New Jersey first case. No vaccine status yes or no unfortunately. Just basic details. Seems to be a whide spread infection over state’s. Not connected in any way. All over the place. Maybe the majority of infections being seen in the fully vaccinated. Possibly 50% unvacinted. No word yet on prior infections being seen as a reinfecion in America. Some studies out of South Africa say that it was seen in previously infected individual’s. Not for sure on that one as we are not hearing of any previously infected individual’s being infected again in America just yet as it isContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-03T22:26:30”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-04T11:48:11
    They just discovered this. I’ve been saying how Covid-19 was a common cold cronavirus for a very long time now. They don’t make vaccines for a common cold because vaccines don’t work for the common cold. The virus can mutate so rapidly that a vaccine is just not able to keep up with the 5th known endemic pathogen of the common cold Covid-19 cronavirus. May 13th 2020 I told you exactly what you would be seeing in time. Today is that day. I’ve figured out how long the vaccine protection would last month’s even year’s before the best virologists inContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-04T11:48:11”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-05T00:02:48
    They are pretty much correct in this article. The mutations able to avoid a significant degree of vaccinated immunity. I’m not sure of the natural immunity through infection itself tho. Natural immunity through infection is measured at 27 time’s better than vaccinated immunity. So throwing that in there about natural immunity is likey the Bloomberg Democrat political agenda add on to the truth, or what we would call a lie. All for the push the vaccine at all costs agenda even if it doesn’t actually work of course. They also say that the virus is constantly surprising them and howContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-05T00:02:48”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-05T11:29:13
    Reinfecion of Covid-19 from a new variant after a prior infection would be expected to happen eventually. The same way you can get the common cold cronavirus more than one time. The same way you can catch the influenza flu cronavirus more than one time. Natural immunity through infection itself of Covid-19 cronavirus or variants is measured at 27 time’s better than the vaccine. You would actually be 27 time’s more likely to be infected if fully vaccinated over that of naturally immune through prior infection itself. This is why you are seeing new case’s of Omicron being found inContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-05T11:29:13”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-05T13:55:18
    “The Wisconsinite with the omicron variant is a Milwaukee County man who was fully vaccinated and had received a booster dose.” Do you see a trend yet yet with the Omicron variant? Fully vaccinated and a booster dose, what a fucking joke that outdated vaccine must really be. Do we hear of any previously infected individual’s getting it yet? Not that I know of and I’ve been looking for it. The South African study says the previously infected are catching it, that is not what I’m actually seeing in these new case’s tho. To me it looks like a fuckContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-05T13:55:18”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-06T06:04:10
    Biden had to bring back the Trump era reamin in Mexico policies because Trump was right about it. It was and will be a good policy to get the endless waves of illegal alien’s out of the nation. Especially in a time where they are bringing more Covid-19 from every corner of the world with them constantly, at a non-stop rate. Oh and another reason that Joe Biden is bringing back the Trump era remain in Mexico policies is because he’s a xenophobic racist. One of the biggest bigotry, xenophobic, racists presidents I’ve ever seen. Like shutting down travel toContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-06T06:04:10”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-06T16:49:46
    https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10159591605631165&id=731851164 September 15th forewarning of what we would be seeing happen now. Before the best virologists in the entire world could see it coming. Month’s before Omicron was even discovered or ever had a name. I’ve been preparing for this longer than is even possible for them to have know of it at all. Not even the best virologists and government intelligence agency’s where aware of it at that particular time. Similar to the 3 week countdown to the very day the city’s burning would occur a few summers ago. Maybe like the fall of Afghanistan coming just hour’s beforeContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-06T16:49:46”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-06T22:14:51
    “The main reason omicron is spreading so fast appears to be that it is excellent at evading prior immunity. Researchers in South Africa have found that the risk of reinfection is much higher with omicron. This suggests that the risk of vaccinated people getting infected is also much greater than it is with delta.” The huge wave of Omicron is coming probably within the next 30-60 day’s. Along with the wave of Delta being seen now. Omicron is likely the escape mutant that would completely bypass vaccinated immunity. How this would be seen to bypass natural immunity through infection itselfContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-06T22:14:51”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-08T16:01:51
    The global totals today climbed to 266,925,825 cases and 5,268,520 deaths, according to the Johns Hopkins online dashboard. They are seeing a 10 fold increase in Omicron variant case’s since the discovery of the Omicron variant as well. Two dominant variants are in battle with each other and expected to go up. For both Delta and Omicron variants. In a bid for each variant to survive as the main dominant variant. That’s how virus function. Even a virus of the same type like Covid-19. Obviously Covid-19 cronavirus is trying to become more common cold like. The common cold cronavirus typesContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-08T16:01:51”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-10T22:23:15
    Most Omicron cases in US have been mild but most were vaccinated, CDC reports The endemic of the fully vaccinated is well on the way. The fully vaccinated will be carriers, spreaders, and mutations will come from them to pass on to other fully vaccinated individual’s as well. The fully vaccinated will be the largest percentage of people spreading the Omicron variant all over the place and to other unvacinated and fully vaccinated people. The naturally immune through infection itself would likely be the most protected percentage of individual’s. From what it looks like 15 fully vaccinated individual’s can beContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-10T22:23:15”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-11T04:47:28
    For the most part, most people are over the whole Covid-19 cronavirus Omicron/Delta variants and whatever. People are burnt out over Covid-19 cronavirus, mandates, procedures, masks, basically everything about it. The pandemic/endemic new variant and procedures. Over in the European nations they have been in violent riots over the mandates. Burning thing’s and attacking people. Pretty epic stuff to see. I’m over the pandemic/endemic as well. It just needs to be the way it was always meant to be. Where the strong survive and the weak parish. Where only the fittest and strongest survive. Everyone that gets sick and can’tContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-11T04:47:28”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-11T07:59:05
    I’ve been saying it would be seen to happen that way since maybe a few month’s after the very beginning of the pandemic. The vaccine was never going to stop the virus itself. Every known cronavirus is endemic in nature. Most of them eventually become more like a common cold over time. They don’t make common cold cronavirus vaccines because they are pretty much impossible to even stop at all. As soon as I heard the word Covid-19 cronavirus I knew what would be seen to happen eventually. Just like September 15th and a rehash of what would be expectedContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-11T07:59:05”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-12T03:34:36
    This would be expected to happen. Delta is more dangerous than Omicron with the genetic traits of a common cold cronavirus. When Omicron would overtake Delta this would force Delta to eventually fade away. Replacing the Delta wave with a less dangerous Omicron wave with a more common cold like cronavirus. It’s actually a good thing to allow the Omicron variant that is less deadly and more common cold like to overcome a more dangerous variants like Delta. If Omicron and Omicron-like variants can take over and phase out other more dangerous Covid-19 cronavirus variants that are actually more dangerousContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-12T03:34:36”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-12T20:50:10
    https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10159591605631165&id=731851164 The Ohio Department of Health has reported the first two cases of the Omicron variant in the state. The cases were detected in adult men in central Ohio, and both tested positive on a PCR test on Dec. 7, health officials said. “Both cases had received their initial COVID-19 vaccine series more than six months ago, but neither had yet received a booster. Both patients are currently experiencing mild symptoms and have not been hospitalized, according to officials.” “We have known that it would only be a matter of time until a case of Omicron was detected in Ohio.Continue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-12T20:50:10”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-14T04:19:36
    “It also said that 10 people, aged between 18 and 85 and diagnosed on or before admission, had been hospitalized with Omicron in different parts of England. Most had received two vaccine doses.” This tidle wave of Omicron is expected to become the dominant variant in 48 hour’s across Europe. This however doesn’t say it will be that way in America just yet. Usually we see a lag of about 30-90 day’s after a dominant wave across Europe. Most of those seen in hospital’s were mostly 2 shot fully vaccinated individual’s. Nothing is being spoken about the previously infected withContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-14T04:19:36”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-14T16:51:12
    “Their vaccine effectiveness analysis included more than 211,000 positive COVID-19 test results, from which 41% were from adults who’d received two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. It also found that two doses of the Pfizer vaccine are only 33% effective against infection from Omicron.” They say maybe 1 million case’s per day. A tidle wave of infection unlike anything ever seen before. Effecting children 20% more than previous variants. More children will be in the hospital’s as well. Basically the vaccine is useless and they are actually seeing alot more infections in fully vaccinated individual’s than they admit to. TheyContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-14T16:51:12”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-15T14:45:29
    https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10159591605631165&id=731851164 Exactly around the time expected by me. January would be around 4 month’s since I said that on September 15th. Two month’s before the best virologists on the entire planet could see it coming. The common cold-like new Delta-like variant. The only reason I didn’t give it a name then was because it wouldn’t even be discovered for 2 month’s and didn’t even exist and have a name at that point. Exactly as described it would be happening to see now. In the exact time period as it was described it would occur to be seen to happen. IContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-15T14:45:29”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-16T02:43:23
    “The current surge is driven by the Delta variant and could soon be super-powered by Omicron. So: It is not clear what the near future will look like.” Yeah it is clear what the near future would look like. Delta and Omicron are in a bid for the dominant variant position. The rise in Delta is around the same time as the appearance of Omicron. It would be like two species of jungle cats introduced into the same hunting grounds with the same prey as it’s only food source. The two would be expected to rise together till one canContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-16T02:43:23”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-16T04:17:33
    “If we keep sending checks,” he said at an event hosted by the Wall Street Journal last week, “it’s going to be hard to stop the checks.” It wouldn’t be a bad thing to have a permanent basic universal income for children going forward. The costs of living, inflation, and rising costs of everything else could be offset by a child tax credit form of basic universal income. Children already get basic free healthcare that is also alloted to the parents as well. What would be the difference in a child’s tax credit to help pay to keep the light’sContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-16T04:17:33”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-17T04:19:33
    The 3rd booster shot is only 30% effective at stopping the Omicron variant. They are all lying to you. The 3rd booster is not able to stop the Omicron variant. Oh and don’t forget about the several other Omicron-like variants as well going around. There is a mass panic around the globe going on now. Borders being shut down. Riots in Germany over the government targeting the unvacinted even tho the vaccine is basically just joke and we can all see that now. People still being fired and or open discrimination against them over a vaccine mandate for a vaccineContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-17T04:19:33”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-17T16:32:35
    Here I was explaining how a vaccine wouldn’t work aginst a common cold like cronavirus. Exactly what I’ve been expecting to see of the Covid-19 Omicron variant for year’s now anyhow. I’ve been saying as much for a very long time. Even before the vaccine was even invented for Covid-19 cronavirus. I’ve been expecting it to become more common cold-like for basically year’s on end already. Even when the very first handful of case’s were seen in America I said it wouldn’t be able to be stopped no matter what they ever did. I could literally see that it wouldContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-17T16:32:35”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-17T19:08:18
    A vaccine that doesn’t even prevent infection or stop them from infection of other fully vaccinated individual’s. They would discharge them over a vaccine that doesn’t even work anyhow. The same can be said of reporter’s on the news. They speak out at socialist views and how the government would be in every aspect of their lives. They however had to take a knee themselves just to keep their job’s and get a vaccine. They have rules and regulations they are made to follow at their job’s. As much as they speak out about being against social program’s it’s allContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-17T19:08:18”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-18T03:55:20
    CNN is saying Omicron is as bad as Delta. That wouldn’t be true. The genitic traits of the common cold cronavirus would make it less dangerous. As well as the 50+ mutations of the Omicron variant some of those mutations would work aginst each other making it less dangerous as well. The problem is it can spead 70 time’s faster than Delta. One infected individual can infect a possible 15 people in a matter of seconds. So basically say there is a 100 people in a grocery store shopping. One infected individual would pretty much infect maybe 50% of theContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-18T03:55:20”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-18T20:35:38
    As a record of 21,000 case’s in a single day is being seen in NY. The Netherlands are going into another national lockdown. The lockdowns wouldn’t work anyhow. No measures they ever took or ever will take will be able to stop the spead of Delta and Omicron variants. This is something to be aware of. A lockdown could be called basically anywhere again. So it’s best to stock up on supplies, set funds aside for bills, and have money put back for expenses. Be ready just in case the entire world goes into a pointless and redundant lockdown again.Continue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-18T20:35:38”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-19T17:43:40
    Before the rise in the Delta variant in May I was foretelling of the wave to come. What actual number’s could be expected to be seen. Knowing full well what to actually expect to see coming long in advance of those on stage. I was telling people two month’s after that to avoid the 4th of July gatherings while they were saying that it was pretty much over. I expected the wave of Delta in America long before it ever happened. Those same number’s I said back then holds true to this very day as well. In September I wasContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-19T17:43:40”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-19T06:38:30
    Omicron forces wave of closures nationwide as Biden warns winter of ‘death’ encroaching. I always see people say on the net to wear a mask. Something like a comment saying my body your germs and to wear a mask. I have a similar way to see it as well. They need to keep their weak immune system’s away from the far superior immune system’s. If they are so weak as to not be able to survive the waves of infection like a beast they shouldn’t have a mask on, they should be in a rubber bubble in a hermetically sealedContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-19T06:38:30”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-20T06:29:32
    https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10159752983746165&id=731851164 Like I was pointing out about Delta, and Omicron before it even had an actual name. That is exactly what I did. Them with their labs, scientist’s, billions of dollar’s in funding. Virologists all over the world. I called out Delta before it happened in America, as well as Omicron before it happened as well. Obviously the Biden Administration couldn’t see it coming in advance like I did all by myself on my own. Exactly what I was saying was going to happen both time’s it happend. You want to know what the problem is. Old people, the peopleContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-20T06:29:32”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-20T18:25:54
    Always remember this Christmas when you are actually celebrating the pegan winter solstice. That basically all of your Christian holiday’s are pretty much all pegan celebrations. The December 25th birth of Christ was moved up from January 6th or after that. The church moved it up to overlap the pegan worship of the winter solstice. That is what you are actually celebrating on December 25th every year, not the actual birth of Christ. Christmas trees did begin as a pagan tradition as early as the fourth century C.E. European pagans were largely responsible for dressing their homes with the branchesContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-20T18:25:54”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-21T01:10:52
    They are actually wrong about a lot of thing’s pertaining to Covid-19 and the new Omicron variant. For one, the Omicron variant has the genetic traits of a common cold now. This and the 50+ mutations would be expected that some mutations to work against other’s making it less dangerous over all. For two, the Omicron variant would be expected to show the same death rate of what is being seen now from Delta only because it infects 100 time’s more people 100 time’s faster. The same expected death rate, and with a hundred time’s as many infected. Over allContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-21T01:10:52”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-21T14:19:58
    He would address the 40 million eligible adults in America who still are not vaccinated. They say 40 million are still eligible for the vaccine. So that would say out of the nearly 300 million people in America. 260 million have already been vaccinated. They completely disregard and entirely overlooked natural immunity through infection itself because they are to fucking dumb to even be aware of such a thing. Out of the 40 million or so that are still unvacinted. I would assume a large percentage of them are natural immune through infection itself. Much better protection against the virusContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-21T14:19:58”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-22T01:40:28
    “Unlike existing vaccines, Walter Reed’s SpFN uses a soccer ball-shaped protein with 24 faces for its vaccine, which allows scientists to attach the spikes of multiple coronavirus strains on different faces of the protein.” This would be something kind of like what happens with natural immunity through infection itself. The virus would infect the body and the body would produce an antibody from multiple parts of the virus itself. The vaccine they have today is that of the protein spike itself. That alone wouldn’t be enough. This vaccine would be for 24 different spikes of different cronavirus types. Maybe similarContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-22T01:40:28”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-22T04:19:58
    As I said in May of 2020. That you survive the 3 infections or so. Basically the waves of dominant variants coming and going. Then it becomes no more than a common cold. Basically Omicron now is more like a common cold. It has the common cold genetic traits similar to a common cold now. Like I was saying was coming in advance on September 15th. Or the Delta wave before it happened as well. I’ve expect this to happen for literally year’s on end already. They keep saying they had no idea Omicron or Delta was coming. I calledContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-22T04:19:58”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-22T21:00:57
    More like immunity through infection itself can give people superhuman immunity. Around the beginning of the pandemic I was infected by the first variant going around. The odd symptoms. Almost asymptomatic infection. Later on while someone had tested for Covid-19 I went around them and didn’t get infected myself. Natural immunity through infection itself prevented the infection that time. Later on getting sick again worse than the first. After that another infection and actually tested positive then, loss of taste and smell. That would be possibly the 3rd time infected. 8-9 month’s later just before the outbreak I knew wasContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-22T21:00:57”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-22T23:03:36
    Isn’t that exactly what I did on September 15th. Seeing it coming long in advance of them all. What they didn’t and no one but me seen it coming, and how it would be seen to be a more common cold-like variant of the Covid-19 cronavirus. I alone seen that one coming long in advance of them all. I even had a countdown to it set as well. Falling exactly into the time period we are seeing it physically happen now. The one part to be aware of is when I said it would be expected to become more likeContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-22T23:03:36”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-23T01:25:38
    What you should expect to see is basically everyone to be infected. This would then cause Delta and other variants to go into remission. It would force them down to a lesser variant to see. The Omicron variant would then give the vast majority a natural immunity through infection itself. This would then be expected to continue to mutate as well. Becoming even more common cold-like over time. To get the world back to a more regular normal I suppose. Over time it would be seen to become more common cold-like. Becoming the 5th known common cold coronaviruse known asContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-23T01:25:38”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-23T18:46:44
    Fauci said on the conclusion being drawn about the findings. “You don’t want to count on anything when you’re dealing with a virus that has fooled us so many times before.” He said you don’t want to count on anything with a virus that had fooled them so many time’s before. That’s the part to see. Because you can look back to my posts since the very first days of the pandemic in America itself. You can see the virus never fooled me at all. And in fact I was calling it out in advance of their entire team’s theContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-23T18:46:44”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-24T23:21:54
    There is no real choice but to live with the virus. It’s rather entertaining to see they actually thought they could beat the virus. They however will never be able to beat the Covid-19 virus itself. Like what is being seen to happen now with Omicron being seen with a more common cold-like genitic traits. They don’t nor have they ever made a working vaccine for a common cold cronavirus type ever. They made vaccines for the influenza cronavirus types of the flu. Tho even then the vaccines for the influenza flu cronavirus is still around even after 100+ year’sContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-24T23:21:54”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-25T02:49:57
    With the Democrat’s crushing defeats on Afghanistan, their incompetence to see the Delta or Omicron waves in advance on the way. Their lack of home Covid-19 tests on the shelves. Their lack of ordering of the proper amounts of the Covid-19 cronavirus antiviral therapeutics. Their incompetence in their lack acknowledgement of natural immunity through infection itself taken into account. Their 40+ year high of inflation to be seen. Lack of coherent thoughts on stage and always taking the wrong actions at the wrong time’s. Even the constant push of an all in vaccine mandate for a vaccine that doesn’t evenContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-25T02:49:57”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-26T00:42:39
    Something they don’t actually acknowledge in science is the fact that biological naoparticles of silver when added to antivirals can amplify the potency by up to 10K fold. 240 ppm colloidal silver is best for the body. Added to thing’s such as natural antivirals such as Oregano oil can amplify the antiviral property’s by up to 10K fold. “In conclusion, the combination of bio-AgNP with OEO resulted in synergistic and additive antimicrobial activities against the multidrug-resistant bacterial strains of E. coli, A. baumannii and MRSA. Therefore bio-AgNP combined with OEO has potential to be applied in industry (cosmetics, food andContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-26T00:42:39”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-26T02:08:27
    Remember when Biden couldn’t see the fall of Afghanistan coming. And I did, just hour’s before to happened, as well as year’s ago before even that knowing it would be a complete failure anyhow. Something they said at the time was impossible to even see coming at all. Well hello I seen that coming literally year’s ago. As well as just hour’s in advance the day before it happened to see. Basically everything that would be seen to happen and pretty much why it would happen that way as well. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10159757941161165&id=731851164 Then calling out exactly what the wave of OmicronContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-26T02:08:27”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-26T07:01:22
    People that still foolishly believe that polio is anything like the Covid-19 cronavirus are just dumb. With polio three dosages of the vaccine can be considered 90-100% effective. This can be expected to last many year’s if not a permanent lifetime immunity. With the Covid-19 cronavirus vaccine. You need 2 shots, then a 3rd booster shot. This can be expected to then be needed every 6 month’s time going forward. The vaccine to the Omicron variant is seen at about 30%+ effective. It can’t stop the infection, further mutations, or even spreading to other fully vaccinated individual’s. Hundreds of diseasesContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-26T07:01:22”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-26T21:35:09
    Executive action on the social spending parts of the BBB plan wouldn’t be that bad. Expand the child tax credit to 10 year’s. To put money into social security, Medicare, section 8 housing program’s, welfare, food card’s, utility assistance program’s, social workers funding, and thing’s of that nature. All of those thing’s actually help the people in need. The other parts such as the voting right’s that seems pretty suspicious. Like the whole kick out Republican onlookers and put pizza boxes on the window’s kind of suspicious. Or the call it a water line break and then kick them allContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-26T21:35:09”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-27T02:38:41
    “Speaking in an exclusive interview with CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday, Harris said “it is no one’s fault that this virus hit our shores or hit the world” and cautioned that she does not believe this is a moment to point fingers.” (Finger pointing) The fully vaccinated super spreaders… They did it, it’s their fault. Strip them of healthcare insurance now. Force them to pay out of pocket. Tell Dr’s to not give them service’s. Hate them, they deserve it for the wrong choice they made. It’s the fully vaccinated individual’s fault, they did this, they are spreading theContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-27T02:38:41”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-27T05:16:48
    https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10159763096531165&id=731851164 What would you call a countdown on May 4th of 3 weeks to the very day the city’s burning would occur? Maybe a countdown on September 15th to this current wave of Omicron being seen to happen now? Maybe seeing the fall of Afghanistan just hour’s before to happened, tho knowing in advance for year’s it would be a failure anyhow. Maybe in 2016 knowing Trump would win. Knowing they would use a fake Russian narrative before they actually put it into play. Maybe in 2018 saying a global virus was on the way. The Delta variant wave inContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-27T05:16:48”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-27T23:00:58
    CDC cuts COVID-19 isolation guidance down to 5 days amid Omicron surge This is kind of dumb. It doesn’t really make a difference. 5 days after symptoms show, it would likely still be able to be spread even after then. I can see why tho. Keeps people on the job’s. As well as they already know that they can’t stop it anyhow. Something like around 1,400 a day dying. Around 200,000 a day being infected. Average number’s. Expected to get worse and last maybe the next 2 month’s before it starts to fall back down. They can no more stopContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-27T23:00:58”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-28T03:03:44
    The big surge is coming soon. I would expect by the middle of January to be the main effects of those currently infected now. Then February through March to be the hight of and the eventually falling back down around the end of March. As I said on September 15th before Omicron was even discovered or had a name the 4-6 month’s wave of the common cold-like Omicron variant to come. The end of March it would be expected to be going back down again. A 4-8 week high of the Omicron common cold-like variant going forward. This will alsoContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-28T03:03:44”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-28T13:09:38
    So say I was a Democrat. More of an independent myself, but say I was a Democrat. I would make an executive order for the Child Tax Credit. Would it be illegal to do that? Yeah probably. Could the Republican’s then reverse it if elected in? Yeah probably. I use that. I would tell people that if the Republican’s got elected they would reverse the child tax credit and take that money away from them. Because they probably would. I would basically bribe the people with that. Telling them if they didn’t vote for me that the greedy Republican’s wouldContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-28T13:09:38”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-28T22:40:53
    “Working-age single persons without dependents are disproportionately represented among the ranks of the poor, and often struggle to meet their basic needs on incomes far below the poverty line. These individuals are Canada’s ‘forgotten poor’ because they are often left out of poverty reduction plans that focus on seniors or families with children.” I’ve thought about this before as well. The single individual’s without children have it worse off than the single individual’s that have children… For example, the average working poor single individual has a lack of healthcare. Their usual job’s wouldn’t offer a health plan. Or if theyContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-28T22:40:53”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-29T01:31:33
    They often say on both Republican and Democrat media. That you have to pick one side or the other on Republican media. They say you can’t have it both ways in Democrat media. What is an independent voter if not a mix of both ways? Neither one side or the other. That is exactly what an independent is. Not only one ideological side or the other, but a mix of both. There are good and bad idea’s of both side’s to see. Why not just pick out the best idea’s of each side and mash them together into the independentContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-29T01:31:33”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-29T03:36:57
    “The U.S. on Tuesday set a single-day record of new COVID-19 infections, with 441,278 new cases, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Infection.” The big surge is coming. Over 200,000 new case’s a day. A single day record of over 400,000. We really could get to be at 1 million people per day. It’s a very real possibility. The unvacinted health care worker’s being let go because of dumb ass nonsensical mandates. We have breakthrough infections of Dr’s and nurse’s sending them home for 5+ day’s each. More nonsensical bullshit that will only make it 10 time’s worseContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-29T03:36:57”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-29T05:30:25
    Just seen something odd old link to random song I posted had 84 views when I posted it just a few hours ago it now has over 65 million views. Think about that for awhile.
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-29T06:17:57
    This lockdown in China is brutal on the people. They are not even allowed to go out to get food now. Or very limited to go out to get food. This is crazy. I kind of feel bad for the Chinese people in a really bad lockdown like that. All over less than 200 infections. Their strict lockdown seems to work to keep the infections down. But at what cost to the people? Yeah sure the stop the virus I suppose but my God at what cost? Here in the US we have like 200K+ per day. Over 400K+ onContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-29T06:17:57”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-29T22:19:36
    “Quite a few of them had nausea, slight temperature, sore throats and headaches, he said. However, there are two new symptoms that have emerged. Vomiting, Loss of appetite.” I was around someone on Christmas with symptoms like that. I’ve have been having the same symptoms lately as well. Over the last 4 day’s time. I would say presumptive positive, by symptoms. I wouldn’t know for sure without a test. I already know it’s not bad enough to even need a test myself. It could be the Omicron variant, symptoms seem to match up. It really wouldn’t matter to me much.Continue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-29T22:19:36”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-30T05:37:10
    The Covid-19 coronaviruse can indeed alter your personality and effect the brain. I’ve experienced this effect myself. I’ve seen it effect the mind in other’s as well. Even if I have the Omicron variant now and presumptive positive as a best guess. This virus can’t effect me much anymore. One thing about me to understand you are not to speak to me of supernatural thing’s you can measures and see. Like the 3 week countdown to the very day the city’s burning would occur. Like on on September 15th of everything the Omicron variant is seen to do today. ManyContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-30T05:37:10”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-31T00:03:29
    ‘Crazy’ omicron surge could peak soon, but the virus is unpredictable as the pandemic enters its third year The surge could be up to 1 million people per day. Would it be that high, maybe. It could. Tho Omicron is also less dangerous than Delta. The surge of 1 million per day could likely kill a fair number of people. The Omicron variant would be expected to snuff out the other Delta variant to a lower level. It would be expected to push all other variants to a lower level actually. Then take over as a more common cold-like cronavirusContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-31T00:03:29”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-31T08:01:20
    I’ve heard about this lately as well. Record number’s of Fentanyl overdoses in the pandemic as well. I’ve even seen a few people myself overdose a few time’s this year. For the usual reasons wanting to get high all the time. Lack of self control. Greedy and selfish people that spend every penny they get on drug’s constantly. No self control at all and barely the brain power to even understand what willpower and self control would even mean. I usually just toss those kind of people out for the trash where they belong. I hate drug addicted morons withContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-31T08:01:20”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-31T13:16:58
    Near the very beginning of the pandemic itself. This is what I have been saying. Why the fuck would people even think they could stop a cronavirus at all? There never was a chance to stop the virus. Even from the very beginning of the pandemic the very first handful of case’s being seen. I could see that. I’ve been comparing it to a common cold the entire pandemic even beyond that point. As expected on September 15th when I was saying it would be seen to become more common cold-like. Tho is all honesty no one on the entireContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-31T13:16:58”
  • Facebook Post: 2021-12-31T17:25:00
    I think these kind of thing’s are hilarious. I’ve met a bunch of people that read my word’s before. All odd to me tho. It’s not like I would ever hear of them. What would make me want to read their word’s? I had this person from Australia message me one time and he said him and his friends liked reading thing’s I talked about. I was like that’s cool. Tell everyone in Australia to tell their friend’s. I got messages from all over the world before like that really. I just always tell them to tell everyone else toContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2021-12-31T17:25:00”
  • Facebook Post: 2022-01-01T03:08:12
    About 93 million Americans remain completely unvaccinated, including 73 million Americans who are currently over the age of 5, and thus, eligible for a shot. So basically out of around 300+ million Americans. 20 million adults, and 73 million whom are currently over the age of 5. That would be 61% vaccine and 39% unvacinted. This doesn’t make a real difference. How many are naturally immune through infection itself of those millions of people? It’s probably a large percentage of those number’s that are actually previously infected and naturally immune anyhow. With the way the Omicron variant is with theContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2022-01-01T03:08:12”
  • Facebook Post: 2022-01-01T20:33:26
    The Covid-19 case surge is altering daily life across the US. Things will likely get worse, experts warn. The big surge coming. It honestly shouldn’t be all that bad really. It really all depends of the inner strength of the individual. The rage and strength of your power to survive the infection itself. I had Covid-19 before, maybe some symptoms of Omicron here recently. I didn’t need to do anything at all to survive it in all reality. Just a test the one time to prove I had it. So for the most part 99% of people can survive theContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2022-01-01T20:33:26”
  • Facebook Post: 2022-01-02T10:11:24
    Magic is not illegal and considered to be freedom of religion. Any kind of act that can be seen as magical in nature has no law’s or punishments that can be taken out on those simply practicing their faith. There are freedom of speech law’s. Freedom of religion law’s. Anyone is allowed to practice any faith or religion they see fit. As well as freedom of speech to say whatever they want about it. There is no law’s or punishments for witchcraft. No one can legally punish anyone for the practice of their faith, religion, spirituality, or anything of thatContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2022-01-02T10:11:24”
  • Facebook Post: 2022-01-03T01:07:21
    So let’s just say something like this… “White people need not try to get Covid-19 cronavirus antiviral treatments. Because here in NY we are racist as fuck against white people in the open. Here in NY we want illegal alien’s to vote and who gives a fuck what you white America citizen’s think about that anyhow. The reasons why we are saying this in NY is very simple to understand. Because we’re Democrats, and because fuck you that’s why.” I would rather prioritize the antiviral therapeutics that they didn’t even order enough of as they should have. With a firstContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2022-01-03T01:07:21”
  • Facebook Post: 2022-01-03T01:47:02
    He is correct there shouldn’t be violence against women. So as a fist step they need to allow women to become Priest’s and maybe even have a woman become a new Pope at some future point. Enough of this keeping women down and the abuse and violence of women in male dominant Catholic Church culture. The Pope can call for all this equally for all type of thing’s. But fly the idea of a new Pope being a woman and see how that one goes over with them. Ask them about becoming a Priest as a woman and see howContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2022-01-03T01:47:02”
  • Facebook Post: 2022-01-03T21:08:50
    I guess this is more of the ban Republican’s sort of thing. Something that is becoming so common to see that no one seems to say much about it. None of you are a Democrat and say something later to be proven wrong in time, say about the Covid-19 cronavirus. Then this just accepted. They don’t go back and correct fact checking of the past. I’m more of an independent myself. Did she give some kind of false information? Maybe some kind of false statement or something from an actual official? I don’t really know. I don’t actually follow anyContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2022-01-03T21:08:50”
  • Facebook Post: 2022-01-03T22:40:35
    Some often view kindness as a weakness. This however is not the case at all. You always want to see those being kind to other’s, yet there are those that take advantage of their kindness. Like they always say peace through strength. Kindness is not a weakness. You should always try to help those to better themselves. Advice to better themselves, but not to force their hand. If they refuse to listen then to just distance yourself from them. There are some out there that just don’t want to change. Kindness is not a weakness. Wanting those around you toContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2022-01-03T22:40:35”
  • Facebook Post: 2022-01-04T11:00:52
    A total of 1,082,549 new coronavirus case’s were reported Monday, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, as the highly infectious omicron variant continues to spread throughout the country and beyond. Here it is, over 1 million case’s in a single day. So this would bypass any vaccinated immunity including 3rd boosters. It would then be expected to mutate and pass on even more people. New variants would be expected to come from this eventually. Likely to be vaccine dependent mutations. This is well past the point it can be stopped by vaccines. Not as deadly tho. More likeContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2022-01-04T11:00:52”
  • Facebook Post: 2022-01-05T03:37:24
    The vaccinated is at 62% and 38% are unvacinted. Around 20 million unvacinted adults and maybe 70 million unvacinted kids. We see over 1 million case’s being seen now. The 1/10 ratio would say 10 time’s the amount of people are likely infected than the number’s show. It would say around 10 million people per day would be an actual number to really think is possible. When only 20 million adults and maybe 70 million children are unvacinted. While possibly 10 million are being infected per day as a more realistic number to expect. This is not the “pandemic ofContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2022-01-05T03:37:24”
  • Facebook Post: 2022-01-06T05:58:55
    As usual the complete lack of any acknowledgement of natural immunity through infection itself. The vaccine only approach that everyone can see isn’t working out now. The same with a common cold cronavirus or the influenza cronavirus type. You get it about every year or so. It doesn’t make a difference what you do. Endless strings of vaccine, after vaccine, after vaccine doesn’t stop the infection itself eventually. Natural immunity through infection itself over time builds a better immunity. Then it becomes more like a common cold over time. The massive wave going around now seems to be knocking allContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2022-01-06T05:58:55”
  • Facebook Post: 2022-01-06T07:42:20
    This is a good idea as staff shortages due to infection they basically can’t avoid no matter how vaccinated they are is becoming a danger for the people. You can’t just make a dumbass stay at home mandate for medical personnel that basically can’t avoid infection no matter what they do. The staff shortages and hospital’s filling up just goes to show you how dumb the send them home for 6-10 day’s mandate actually is. They can work in a wing of the facility that is all infected individual’s anyhow. If they want to continue to work the job theyContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2022-01-06T07:42:20”
  • Facebook Post: 2022-01-06T10:41:06
    Over the last 5 hour’s or so the Pope seems to have a rather interesting few post’s to see. I kind of like this new outlook of the Pope. Seems to make sense to me. Even he should challenge the old ways and accept creative and new ways to challenge the views of today. What is faith but a willingness of growth over time. Very interested thing’s he says. More of the progressive Pope to see. I would like to see him say more like this. It has a more artistic feel to it. I’ve always kind of liked thisContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2022-01-06T10:41:06”
  • Facebook Post: 2022-01-06T11:45:30
    I don’t think that anyone actually cares about the January 6th riot. The senator’s and congress and whatnot seem to tho. I’m pretty sure the people were more concerned about month’s long riot’s, looting, and burning of entire city’s down. They were all taking a knee for rioters, looters, and arsonists at that time. Now we see them speaking as if the riot at the capital was the end all to end all. Why would that be? Maybe because that actually effected them personally? Maybe because the city’s burning, being looted, and people attacked in the street’s for month’s onContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2022-01-06T11:45:30”
  • Facebook Post: 2022-01-07T06:05:11
    Moderna CEO warns people may need fourth Covid shot as efficacy of boosters likely to decline over time Like I was saying, your 4th booster. Just before your 5th booster. A little bit before your 6th booster. That’s just a little while before your 7th booster tho. You won’t have to worry about the 8th booster. Not long before you get the 9th booster anyway. You should be able to do your own 10th booster just before you leave for work. When you get there you can take the 11th booster so don’t worry about that one…. Oh and didContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2022-01-07T06:05:11”
  • Facebook Post: 2022-01-07T15:59:33
    Hospitalizations skyrocket in kids too young for COVID shots | AP News. Kids for the most part are just fine on average with the Omicron variant. Even without the vaccine. We honestly can’t keep up the false hope that the vaccine is the end all to end all. It’s getting to the point not that hearing about the vaccine at every turn. One that obviously doesn’t even slow down the virus. While they still completely deny natural immunity through infection itself. It just wears me down so much it’s ridiculous. I’m so tired of hearing that this vaccine is theContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2022-01-07T15:59:33”
  • Facebook Post: 2022-01-08T08:15:11
    Bissnuesses would be able to make their own policy for vaccine or not. Without an all encompassing federal mandate. The vaccine should be a personal choice. As we can see now the vaccine can’t even stop the Omicron variant anyhow. It can’t prevent infection, further mutations, or spreading to other’s. What’s the point of a vaccine mandate at this point? The vaccine can lessen the effects of the virus itself. Probably less than previous natural immunity through infection itself. The natural immunity that other nation’s actually acknowledge is real unlike our US government. I know plenty of people that gotContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2022-01-08T08:15:11”
  • Facebook Post: 2022-01-09T07:19:54
    This and thing’s like this can be expected to be seen. Especially when the vaccine cannot prevent infection, mutations, and further spreading to even other fully vaccinated, and natural immune alike. The virus will always continue to mutate in any individual infected. It doesn’t make a difference how many get vaccinated. A mix of Delta as well as Omicron and a completely new variant to see already. How’s that vaccine mandate, masks, socal distancing, lockdowns, and bend the curve working out for you so far? Looks to me none of that has even done anything mesureable to see at allContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2022-01-09T07:19:54”
  • Facebook Post: 2022-01-10T07:53:14
    CDC Director Corrects Sonia Sotomayor Claim That 100,000 Kids in ‘Serious Condition’ With COVID-19 Maybe 100,000 were tested positive. This however doesn’t say all of them were in “serious condition” as well all know 99.95% of all kids infected are just fine. The whole Democrat political agenda thing they try to stick to for political and authoritarian gains, mainly for on-going mandates, is even being corrected by the CDC now. Most people whom get the Omicron variant are just fine overall. More like a seasonal cold/flu. You can see when the president says thing’s like. “No we won’t have toContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2022-01-10T07:53:14”
  • Facebook Post: 2022-01-11T13:10:27
    Basically year’s ago I was telling people that Covid-19 would eventually become more like a common cold. You can see at the time people think they are smart and that no way any of that can happen. And what do you know, what was it, 3-4 waves since then? Then boom… common cold-like genitic traits to see. Not even the best virologists in the entire world could see that coming at that time. I always knew it was coming. September 15th was just a convenient countdown to this wave to be seen to happen now. With the common cold-like geniticContinue reading “Facebook Post: 2022-01-11T13:10:27”